Hi, my name is Rishi Vikram, I’m a sixteen year old living in Bangalore, India. As my bio will tell you, I am into Cars, Racing, Music, Planes and Tech among others.

In this blog, I will mostly cover the world of Formula One. I am very interested in the sport and I have been for a long time now, and this interest only grew in recent years. What I aim to do with this blog, is to bring in a fresh audience to the sport and keep them hooked onto it and get them to develop an interest in the crazy, 300+ kmph world of F1. I will try my best to keep the articles as easily understandable as possible, which means no acronyms or unnecessary jargon will be used when it’s not required, and will be explained if it is used.

It is to be noted that my articles will also take some time to read through since I try and recount what happened in detail. I feel like a full recap with no details left out will keep the reader completely immersed and involved in the events of the race weekend, and they wont feel like they missed out too much if they happened to miss the race.

Also, I will put up an article soon which explains the basics of Formula One which I recommend you read if you are new to the sport, following which I will reduce the amout of explaination i give in each article, but you can always turn to my “F1 for dummies” article or to Google for an explanation of what a term means.

That’s it for the introduction, articles will be up following every race weekend and sometimes in the gaps between them too! So stay tuned for more!

I’m Rishi, 16 years old, I live in Bangalore and I’m into Cars, Planes, Racing, Music and Technology.